Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cause I'm leaving here for good you know and I told you that before

Hello June, how are you my favourite month? You have a pretty good track record I think, lets see.. last June I went to Melbourne for a sisterly visit and I bought copious amounts of wonderful clothing, ate the best vegetarian foods ever and hung out in the hills, loved it. In 2008 I saw the premiere of Sex & the City in NYC, flew to England and was reunited with a old friend. June 2007 I graduated from Tafe and few days later flew to the USA for the first time and started what was my 16 month trip around the world. I even remember way back in 2004 when I saw my favorite band, Gyroscope play their best gig ever at the ABC Studios and there is probaly alot more awesome times from Junes past that have slipped my memory, hrmph. I am excited as punch for this coming June too, July as well. Even my star signs tell me to get excited and also "Rarely before has the cosmos had so much to offer. Make the most of your hopes and forget your fears" Okay, thankyou galaxy man!

I try really hard not to blog about shitty things that happen in my life because I want my blog to be a happy optimistic place, sometimes I do but then I delete it all 5 minutes later. If I did blog about the things that do get me down I would probaly blog alot more and that SUCKS. But you know what's annoying? Finally being offered a full time job at work (after wanting one for 3 years) even though I am leaving next week and being told that I would be manager when current manager leaves in September. Also something very annoying is when you plan to not plan to go on a roadtrip but then that falls through at the last minute so instead my last week in town will be spent working like a drunk horse. Also something very annoying is when my Mum invites herself to hangout with Dad & I even though they are divorced and have been for over 10 years. ANNOYING. One more thing that doesn't make me happy is when I'm sitting on the train on the way to work and my left arm hurts the whole 20 minute train ride and I am afraid I may be about to have a heart attack! I was freaking out, still am in fact!

You know what's not annoying, this time next week I will be driving to the airport! ♥

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  1. girrrrl your JUNES ARE THE BEST!
    i can't believe you saw sex and the city in new york! that is just fabulous!
    i hope this june is just as good if not better than all the other ones!!

    and don't worry if you blog about shitty things. life isn't perfect. i try to do a positive post after i do a "vent blog" that way i walk away with a better attitude!