Saturday, June 5, 2010

Do the shuffle!

It's Friday night and I just tried to watch Up! but I got bored half way through so now I am drinking some red wine and attempting to recommence my packing for Melbourne whilst planning co-ordinating outfits for Sunday. Awesome.

This idea was stolen from the wonderful Em from Lick My Cupcakes.
The rules:
1. Put your ipod on shuffle.
2. Write down the FIRST song that comes on to each question. DO NOT switch songs if you don’t like it. Tough luck. That’s the fun of the game.
3. To avoid cheating, avoid looking at the questions and listen to the songs FIRST.

And my answers…
1. How am I feeling today?
Said Girl: Summer sickness. Well yes, I guess so. Tears were involved in todays activities
although it is winter here now and sadness is a form of sickness.

2. How do my friends see me?
7 Day Weekend: Party monster. Hahaha yes sure why not, "I'm the party armageddon, I'm the birthday boom! I'll smash all your antiques and eat all your food, I came here party, I don't mean to be rude" I effing love this song. I wish every party played this song.

3. What is my best friend’s theme song?
Arcade Fire: My body is a cage. What does that all mean?
The band is Canadian and I met my bf in Canada.. that is how it is all linked yes? Sure, why not.

4. What is the story of my life?
Coldplay: The scientist. I am not a scientist but I do really like this song
and when I have crushes on boys they are 8 times out of 10 a scientist or studying science! Fact.

5. What is the best thing about me?
Modest Mouse: Mice eat cheese, LOLOL. I think I may even like cheese more than mice. I dont like this song very much. This makes no sense.

6. What is today going to be like?
Joni Mitchell: Come in the from cold. Well Joni, it is cold out and it is nice for the most part to be inside as I have wines and cheesies! Today at work it was cold even inside so I wore 2 fleeces

7. What is in store for this week?

Shout Out Louds: Shut your eyes. But I want to open them this week because I am seeing my favourite band and providing the lead singer is wearing shirt I will want to have my eyes wide open.

8. How is my life going?

The Ramones: Gimme Gimme shock. Most of the time I am shocked at what my life is!

9. What song will they play at my funeral?
Coconut Records: Microphone. Well this isn't totally impossible.

10. How does the world see me?
The Hold Steady: Stuck between stations. OH SHUT UPPPPPPP QUARTER LIFE CRISIS YEAH I KNOW.

11. How can I make myself happy?
Van Morrison: Wonderful remark. Ha, maybe like, you are remarkable . com? Does make me happy.

12. What should I do with my life?
Alanis Morrisette: You Outta know. Omgwtfbqq!
I don't knowwwww.

13. How will I be remembered?
Justin Timberlake: Nothin' else. I do not like the answer to this one, booo. And JT is 95% lame and I only have him on my mp3 player because I love that part of Love Stoned right at the end where there are all them pretty piano sounds.

14. What is my signature dancing song?
John Williamson: Drover Boy. Yes, I dance like a old rugged weather worn farm hand from the Aussie outback? Kind of.

15. What is my current theme song?
Wilco: Shake it off. This whole album reminds me of hiking in Nova Scotia and I recently re-listened to this album at work and almost fell asleep. Booo. I don't understand some peoples massive admiration for this band.


  1. Very interesting game! I had fun reading your analysis through it :)

    You didn't like up...? Well, I have a son... maybe it was because I was able to enjoy it with him, through the eyes of a 2-year old... lol :)

    Aya of Strawberry Koi

  2. Hi Aya! I haven't actually watched the second half of Up! I just got bored in the middle but I think I will give it another full shot :) p.s your blog is so pretty!

  3. cool!! i've done this before,and i have to admit,its pretty fun :)