Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Never keep me down

And I'm a little bit lost without you
And I'm a bloody big mess inside
And I'm a little bit lost without you
This aint a love song this is goodbye
I've been lost, I've been losing
I've been tired, I'm all hurt and confusion
I've been mad, I'm the kind of man that I'm not
I'm going down, I'll be coming back fighting
I may be scared and a little bit frightened
But I'll be back, I'll be coming back to life
I'll be coming back to life

Scouting for Girls: This Ain't a Love Song

I fell in love with this band when I was living in England a few years ago and then last week I heard the familiar sound of Roy Strides voice singing on the radio for the first time ever in Australia. This song has been on repeat for a few hours now and the video is so cute because it is all about airports and goodbyes and I have an affinity with airports plus this time tomorrow I will be boarding my plane! I think I am almost ready to leave.. still have a last minute doctors appointment, need to send some parcels, maybe meet up for coffee, try to hunt down my camera that I lost on Sunday night, take my uniform to work and uhhhh.. pack. Still.

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  1. I need to check this band out, i've heard about them a few times!

    Hope the doctors (and packing) goes okay!