Friday, June 4, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Talking to my sister on msn and feeling much better even though my parents made me cry alot earlier, when my room smells like a Lush store, seeing a kookaburra outside my window in the morning, men in suits carrying trays of cupcakes, driving to the airport, the hot delivery boy at work growing a bit of a beard with hints of ginger, seeing an old lady on the train wearing a Gryffindor scarf, the Dockers number 2 on the ladder!, sending parcels to Dubai & Utah, hot showers, last chance muffins, listening to bluegrass, new Peter Alexander catalogue, floral headbands, the snooze button, Gyroscope on the cover of Drum Media, LESS THAN 1 WEEK TIL MELBOURNE, vanilla essence in my coffee, meeting people that already work at my dream job, Allens marshmallows, my dream employer callling me!, street press day, highly anticipating my next pay day, using alternative words for the F word eg: fudge cruncher, effer, FUTCH etc, still swearing, packing, taking things off my wall.

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