Monday, June 7, 2010

Leaving home without you

This time we'll try to change those things we learnt and grown to hate
about nine to five, five to nine

simple times and the same old life and then

this time we'll re-arrange and we'll rip down all those picture frames of my life

this time we'll leave this town

Georgia Fair: Picture Frames

Yes, I know this songs reeks of summer (and flavoured milk tv advertisements..) but this week, I really like it.
Man, I post alot of videos on here hey.

I am currently procrastinating getting ready for my last work shift ever and wishing there was more bread in the house and trying to remember things from last night, ohhhhh dear. Plus I have so much effing packing to do still before Tuesday, everything was in little piles.. now there is just one big pile. I had a pretty nice weekend, I didn't work at all! On Saturday Dad and I went hiking and got very lost but it was hilarious. It made me miss New Zealand so much.. hiking in Perth is so flat and bushy, gimme some fiords anyday please. We also went to the tip! I love the tip! Haha, I'm serious, this one is like a lower class op shop and most of the stuff is free. It was the only place in Perth were I could find cassettes! On Saturday my polaroid camera died, I think it's little world trip just bashed it around too much and there are still 2 shots in it and the battery still works but the film just won't eject. I will miss you Vaughan! On Sunday I had a tiny going away party and when I say tiny I mean tiny but don't get me started. Perth never ceases to break my heart! Hrmph! Then I went and saw my favourite band in the whole entire universe, Gyroscope! They played heaps of old songs and it was nice to see them with my old friends and pretend it was 2003. I should have taken a photo of my outfit, I thought it was adorable. However I did mix navy with black and florals with polka dots but whatever fashion police, I break all the rules! Ok, now I have to go to work.. on a public holiday and hungover. MLIA.

P.S Note to self: delete that effing boys number from your phone otherwise you will text him at 1am on a Sunday night when you are drunk. He is a douche who doesn't like you enough because you live too far away. Well, that distance is going to get even bigger in a few days innit!


  1. i never knew that about the tip, that's so cool. i might have to make a trip out there while i'm on holidays..
    sorry i wasn't able to make it last night! your outfit sounds super-cute though heh. and i will definitely see you in the mailbox soon :) and hopefully in melbourne at some point in the not TOO distant future! <3

  2. oooh, i'm in love with this song. thanks for sharing!

    xo Alison

  3. LOVE THAT SONG! yep, total perfection for summer!!!

    p.s. been there done that.. too many times. i feel ya on that one