Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Risotto with sunflower seeds, Puffy Cookie (it is like a soft cookie/pastry type of thing and in the middle is chocolate pudding! SO GOOD!), Daria marathons, when my mum smuggles in warm socks and a teddy in my (sealed!) parcels, heaters, The Forum, hilarious conversations with Centrelink, sarcastic indie fucks (bahahaha, I love this almost as much as I love LATFH), Lord of the Fries poutine at midnight, sleeping in, Vege Bar burrito, Melbourne city lights, afternoon walks, morning runs, freshly washed hair, listening to so much Sally Seltmann, when my dream job finally calls me back, journalling, health care cards, when my dream job emails me the invite for an actual interview, skirts with pockets, pre interview dress-ups, my photo wall hanging, my new tshirts from Retrostar, staying up til midnight preparing for my dream career interview and every single version of Under the Milky Way!


  1. I love your list! Freshly washed hair is amaaaazing!

  2. i'm really glad you're liking melbourne! i want to hear about this dream job! whereabouts are you living? x

  3. Hi Brodie! Melbourne is so good.. so hard not to love it! My dream job was for STA Travel but they don't quite feel the same way about me so I didn't get the job:( Devastation. I am living out in Mitcham, but probaly moving closer to the city once I get a job.