Friday, June 25, 2010

Remember that you have chance and possibility

Yesterday was my first day at my new full-time assistant manager job at a clothing store in the city and do you know what I did this morning? I quit that job.. by sms. The boss and most of the staff were absolute douche bags and I would be so miserable there and I am not gonna list the ways I loathed it, instead I am going to celebrate tonight with my bestie with dessert pizza and lots of swearing and maybe some trashy tv. Since sending the sms I have turned my phone off.. I don't want stupid boss man to call! It is kind of funny and I don't feel all that awesome about doing it via sms but I don't want to deal with that kind of confrontation. The real bummer about all this is I left my leftover Japanese lunch in the fridge there to eat today, doh! The thing is I didn't feel right about it ever since I handed in my resume and I was even crossing my fingers that they weren't gonna call me! So now I am back to Centrelink and I am fine with that because I truly believe in the whole "quit your job because you hate it and it's wasting you" attitude.

Last night I went on a first date with boy and we drank Peroni beer and then got poutine fries and it was fun and he is really nice and smiley and he likes travelling and the outdoors and I might be seeing him on Saturday night! Wow, that is alot of "and's". Eight in fact.

I have been listening to this song all morning.. Ok, so I don't really like this band or song but I love the lyrics and it reminds me of my old bff quoting these lyrics when we were probably only 16.. before we even had a chance to hate our jobs)

"Pull back the curtains and let some light in,
quit your job because you hate it and it's wasting you.
Am I the only one who's noticed that you've been missing?
You're not getting any younger all you need is fresh air
a nice new suit and a walk in the park every day or two"
Something for Kate: Jerry Stand Up

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  1. good for you for not sticking with a job that makes you unhappy. i have been applying for so many jobs and i am so nervous that i will not end up liking whichever job i end up with!