Saturday, June 12, 2010

M is for Melbourne

So I have landed in the wonderful place is Melbourne! I finally unpacked my bags yesterday.. turns out I packed FOUR dresses? I only wear dresses like once a year and yet.. there is 4 in my cupboard, awesome. The neighborhood is very cute and there is a place just down the road that sells dessert pizza, I can walk to the train station, the houses are just lovely, the streets are all tree lined the way Melbourne streets generally are and I have the best housies ever. Right now I am googling Melbourne roller derbys and wondering what my roller girl name could be? Shamwow? Shazzmataz? Sham slam? LOLOLOL.

Things to do someday soon:
♥ Join the local library! I love libraries but I have nothing with my new address yet so I can only browse. Well, just you wait! And there is like 3 libraries close to our place!
♥ Find a running track. I did actully go running today.. in Melbourne.. in winter! And it was good but it was just around the streets and a small park. I am gonna miss my coastal runs back home.
♥ Doctors. Again. Always.
♥ Get some winter supplies. Such as an umbrella and some slippers.
♥ Apply for a plethora of jobs.
♥ Maybe buy a bicycle!
♥ Tidy my room. Woops, it is so messy already.
♥ Try not sit at home all day on the computer. Maybe next week I will go to some art galleries and eat some okonomiyaki in the city? Yeah I will.
♥ Make something colourful for my room! Maybe some flags, origami mobile or pom pom danglers?
♥ Get my learners permit changed over to a Victorian one.
♥ Buy a camera. I have nothing to document my early days in the east becuase I lost mine on Sunday in Perth. Silly!

P.S Who loves journalling? I do! Who loves challenges? I do! Janel from the wonderful Running with Scissors is running an awesome 30 Day Journal Challenge starting on Monday. Cannot wait to fill my pretty new Moleskine up :)


  1. Congrats on your move! Jealous, I'd love to be in Melbourne right now! It sounds like you're setting up a lovely life for yourself there :)

  2. The stickers are now available for the Journal Prompt challenge!! Check it out :)

    thats so exciting!!
    joining the local library sounds awesome! and getting a bike! woohoo!

  4. yay for the move! i would loooooooooooove to go to australia-- i have a friend who is moving there in january!

    can't wait to see your journal pages!