Thursday, June 10, 2010

Curious Tuesday 005

This weeks Curious Tuesday bought to you by sitting inside with the heater on a Thursday, coffee with soy milk and of course, Gala!

1. Would you ever get cosmetic surgery? If not, why not? If yes, what would you want done? No wayyyyyyyy, not ever. I believe you are you are and to get cosmetic surgery is all very fake and I despise most un-natural things especially beauty related. I believe everyone is so much more beautiful naturally without excessive amounts of make up and and especially without surgery.

2. What is “your drink”? Chai tea ♥

3. What are your five fashion essentials? Cardigans, Chuck Taylors, old fashioned sunnies, my charm necklace and some bizarre patterned item (not always bizarre, more likely to be floral but a pattern none the less)

4. Do you have any tattoos? What are they? If not, do you want some? What would you like to get? I do! I have a heart on my collar bone a la Kurt Halsey that I got on my 20th birthday. I don't want another one though and some days I don't even want this one. I got it with my old best friend who also got a Kurt Halsey one too, but the reason I got the heart is below..

5. What is something most people don’t know about you? I had open heart surgery when I was 16. I was meant to have key hole surgery for the murmur in my heart but that failed so I had to go into an emergency operation. I hate reading or watching anything to do with heart surgery, it really freaks me out. I still have a huge scar and I don't like talking about it so I am gonna stop!


  1. Wow, open heart surgery! I had an ex-boyfriend with cancer who got a tube and writing tattooed next to his old tube scar, I think tattoos can be a really cool battle scar of sorts in this way. A badge on honour, almost.

  2. i love your tattoo!!!!
    so awesome!

    and i can't believe you had open heart surgery.. that is insane. but i'm so glad you are okay!

  3. your tattoo is adorable. and that is an amazing thing to go through!