Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Living in the state of Victoria with my sister, wardrobe planning involving early 00's bands tshirts!, late night FB chatting to boys in a non-skanky way, walnut tart from that fancy French bakery, staying up really late, the first half of Up!, Uniball pens, Australian merlot, Allens retro party lolly mix, dumpster diving, national parks, days off, last shifts, external hard drives, public holiday pay rates, veggie burgers, Glee, floral cardigans from Tokyo, silence, beer, screaming, Daniel Sanders, when plans fall into place, packing it all up, midnight apologies, Lloyd Cole and the Commotions on cassette, flying over the great Australian bight, edamame, the petties, Pixelgirl Presents = oh my goodness so many pretty desktop wallpapers, sleeping with a beanie on.


  1. walnut tarts + floral cardigans? count me in.


    xo Alison

  2. Wonderful list, I never thought of sleeping with a beanie on I might have to try it. Goodluck with the job hunt, thanks for the advice :-)

  3. haha this is AWESOME!
    i love picture! too funny.

    so many wonderful things! i love edamame! and walnut tart?? how delicious!!

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