Friday, June 25, 2010

I could be your state and I could be your nation

Out of all my favourite types of things to blog about, I think ones that show op shop finds are number one.. such as the awesome Brodie & Chelsea Rebecca. Since being in Melbourne I have done a bit of thrifting and even though I am currently (still) camera-less (p.s has anyone got any reccomendations for a camera, just a basic non slr type o deal? I think the Nikon D80 and Canon EOS are a bit out of my budget..) I do have webcam however so here are some low quality shots my recent treasures in my beloved mosaic form..

♥ A treasure trove of second hand Americana shirts. I have always wanted a D.A.R.E one but had never seen one in real life so I was mega stoked! I love these high school shirt designs because they really don't exist in Australia.. really.. what is an honor roll anyway? I dunno. Plus a physical education shirt with a gap to write your name? Awesome. All we wore to phys ed was polo shirts. Oh, and the Cardinals top just cause it reminds me of Alexisonfire and not the team.

♥ Ok, so the slippers weren't op shopped.. they were from Kmart, but still.. floral, beige and fluffy goodness! Essential for Melbourne winter. I got a cute summery shift dress which is very light and may be see through at the moment so it may take some renovation rescue but it is pretty girly and has potential for a date outfit. Jet lag isn't anyones friend really but buttons sure are.

♥ A mug for 10 cents to hold my pens and such? Yes please. It even has a little spout should I ever need to use it for liquid. I know it's tiny and hard to see but the second is a metal platter dish with a map of California! I use it to put my keys/sunnies/wallet and general handbag bits and pieces, very handy and not just for a Tim Tam platter. The mosaic machine cut of some of the last one but it is a wee little egg cup with a koala carrying books! I love koalas especially when they are cartoon versions doing random things. Plus the white cardigan I am wearing.. 3 bucks. Bar-gain.


  1. I love reading about peoples thrifty finds as I myself am not a great op-shopper. I also wanted to say good on you for quitting your job! I too believe you shouldnt do something if it makes you miserable, life is to short!!

  2. oh i see those shirts in thrift stores all the time. how funny you collect them!

  3. whhhaauuuutt!!??! YOU FINDS ARE FREAKING AWESOME! is it okay that i'm drooling over that plate? cause i am! i love antique plates!! and all those shirts are so rad! i have a dare shirt like that from elementary school! haha. and that mug was ten cents?? SWEEET!

  4. The cup is definatly my favourite! <3

    I'm so sorry it's taken ages to get back to your blog to leave a comment, I should really check old posts etc. Sorry again! <3

    Hope your well :)


  5. i absolutely love your thrifting taste! we would have so much fun thrifting together. I'll have to keep you in mind next time i go to my favorite Good Will or second hand store-- they have so many of them :)