Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The harmony to my heart beat

Guess what? Today I learnt how to use the scanner! I haven't used a scanner is about 6 years so hello technology! Plus now I have the mad skills to upload my journal page. Also today I went for a run, washed my hair, listened to alot of Sally Seltmann, made delish dill ravioli for lunch and booked an appointment for Centrelink. Pretty good day of accomplishments considering I still have no job and am missing the west coast pretty badly!

Day 1 of the 30 day journal project!
Prompt 1

A few of my favourite things: teacups, florals, airmail, music, home, the ocean, snowcapped mountains and snowflakes ♥


  1. so glad i came across your blog and found this journal challenge! i have recently neglected my moleskine and this is the perfect reason to pick it up again :)

  2. Hello! I'm glad, same here with negecting my journal! I am having heaps of fun with it. Definetely a fun idea.. good luck with yours. I like your blog too xo