Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Australia has it's first female prime minister!!, packages in the mail with doilies & Pineapple Lumps & bows & an adorable letter!, red wine, the streets of Melbourne, sleeping in til 10am, running til I start feeling better, paisley, drowning my sorrows,The Arthouse, plant man, Grill'd veggie burgers, Chiko roll burps, full time employment!, comments from my favourite bloggers, an email from one of my favorite bloggers!, almost school holiday time for some people, Little Cupcakes for morning tea, the new Frankie magazine, walking to the train station really fast because that is the only way to warm up, my new corkboard!, reading about Japanese pilgrimages, owning Alexisonfire tickets!, cute funny dates involving Peroni and poutine, not working!


  1. I've never had Grill'd but I keep meaning to! Glad to hear an endorsement for the veggie burgers!

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