Friday, June 18, 2010

Dream about changing

I remember when I used to have a Livejournal when I was between the ages 15 - 21 and I would come home after a night out or after a rough day and have the biggest whinges on it, I would generally just make the entries private or delete them soon after. I even used to call it Whingejournal, Emojournal, Lifejournal etc because I'm creative like that. I liked that I could have "friends only" entries and not have everyone in the world open to see it. All of my closest friends used to have one but now I only know 3 people in real life that know about this blog. I deleted my account last year but sometimes I miss just typing away about things that upset me or that make me feel less than awesome. My old best friend is still on LJ and she writes some pretty amazing, beautiful and totally heart breaking things and here is part os something she wrote..

"I would rather wear shitty cheap clothes and be able to do cartwheels in them at the park or on the dancefloor than look really great all the time, just to impress people that I think I should impress.I still like dresses and jewels and bags, but somersaults are way more important than Marc Jacobs. I realize the only people that I truly want to impress are my best friends because they will hang out with me if I am not wearing make up or a dress and they don't always need me to have a champagne flute in my hand in order to find me entertaining."

So anyway, I am gonna listen to Cat Stevens and mope in my room spilling my guts into my real paper journal and hope that next week never feels like this week did :(


  1. aw, that is a great post. i found my old livejournal a few weeks ago and had a great time reading it and i'm slowly trying to translate my old livejournal writing onto my blogger without being scared about it.

    chin up, and i hope you have a great week :)

  2. me and my friends also used to have LJ's - it's really weird reading them back! kind of funny and nostalgic! i guess facebook has dispelled the need for them!

  3. Ah wow, sometimes a good old vent is all we need. Blogs are so full of super happy things, it's actually refreshing to read something about the other sides of life from time to time. If you were having a crummy day, I hope you're feeling better now. Thank you for always popping into my blog and leaving such lovely comments. You are just the sweetest. x