Friday, June 18, 2010

Strengthen up my little heart

A wise lady once said to me it's good to do a postitive post after a "vent" post so I have a better attitude so here is something that cheered me up on my long walk home today.. down the road in my new neighborhood there is a super cute house all covered in wild trees, plants and flowers and on their gate it says "love SWEET love" and on their letter box it says "love letters for #479" which I think is just the cutest thing, not only that but the letter box is covered in glitter! Glitter! All letters should be love letters and all boxes should be covered in glitter and I am going to put a love letter in their box next week. I would take a sneaky photo of their house but alas, I am still camera less! Here are some cuter than average photos of letter boxes I have come across on the intrawebs..

L. O. V. E.

P.S Guess who just spent an hour learning how to make photo mosaics instead of sleeping because Blogger is awesome at disfiguring my photo set-outs!


  1. that is so cute! it makes me want to decorate our little mailbox. especially since we've been getting loads of great mail lately :)

  2. that is one of the cutest things i have ever seen. i love the one in the bottom right hand corner. my mailbox is across the street in my neighbors yard....the old bird would probably have a fit if i decorated it!